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How to buy in stock :

Step 1. Select your vehicle :

Choose the vehicle you want to buy. Our car search engine will help you search our inventory. You can also customize the search to suit your needs and preferences. Detailed photos and specifications can be viewed for each inventory.

Step 2. Get a free invoice and order the vehicle :

Request an invoice for any used car from our warehouse - it's free and easy. Enter your details in the purchase form and we will send you an invoice by email within an hour. If you decide to buy, please contact us so we can reserve the vehicle for you before someone else buys it.

Step 3. Make the payment :

Receive your Performa invoice in your email and print it. Take this invoice to your local bank and pay the total amount by bank transfer (Telegraphic Transfer). You can find our bank details on the invoice. Note: Note: We warn our customers about fake payment emails. Make sure to pay the invoice only from our respective email address: accounts@AHMjp.com and rashidalhassanmotors@gmail.com Once you have completed the payment, send us a copy of the copy of the telegraphic transfer as proof of payment to the company's WhatsApp number: +81 7077755999 or to the email: accounts@AHMjp.com and rashidalhassanmotors@gmail.com

As soon as payment is received, we will send you an email confirmation. Note: Payment must be made within 5 business days after receipt of the Performa invoice. Bank transfer (bank transfer): Please note that bank transfer is the only acceptable payment method. All customers only need to send money to the recipient's specified account details The Performa invoice shows which of the following accounts you have to pay

Step 4. track your shipment :

You will receive your shipment reservation details and other shipment information by email. You can track your shipment through the bill of lading (the shipping document). Once we have shipped your car to your port, we will send you all required original documents via DHL courier service. Be ready OR arrange to receive your car at your destination port.
Important Documents - The documents you need to get for your car:
Export certificate:
The original export certificate (Japanese)
Export certificate in English (translation provided by AHM Japan).
Customs invoice:
The local customs department uses this document to verify the value of your vehicle. Consignment note (BL):
You need a consignment note (BL) to receive your vehicle at the port of destination (POD).
Different documents may be required depending on the regulations in your country. Ask our sales staff for additional documents if necessary.

Step 5. complete customs clearance :

Contact your local customs office or clearing house to complete clearing procedures and ultimately receive your car.