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Company Profile

Economic Intent:

Pacma Investments Limited is a profit making organization

Business Concept:

Our business idea is to conveniently avail goods and services to our clients in excellent quality without delay for a decent profit.

Because we are more concerned with creating a good name than making quick profits, we are always preoccupied with the satisfaction of our clients by making sure we fulfil our end of the bargain.

Business Competitiveness:

Industry knowledge.
Commitment to excellence and success.
Customer oriented approach.


Pacma Investments Limited was established in the year 2015 for the main purpose of assisting all our clients and make their businesses better. Pacma Investments Limited offers a wide spectrum of freight forwarding and global transportation solutions, delivered by a dedicated team of professionals, under the direction of the leading experts in the field Ms Margaret Wairimu Kagoro, Mr. Pancras Njoroge Mwangi and Mr. Peter Maina Mwangi.

What We Do:

Pacma Investments Limited basically creates path through which goods and services travel from the Exporter or manufacturer to the Importer.

In summary these are our core services;

a) Avail goods to our customers in desired quality and quantity
b) Facilitate transportation of goods
c) Advice customers on various goods and services


To strive for excellence by providing superior freight forwarding and global transportation solutions including air, ocean, and customs brokerage and logistics services. We aim to assist all our clients and make their businesses better with services that are tailored to meet their needs today and innovating to meet their future needs.


Vision To be a leader in the freight clearing and freight forwarding industry in Kenya, Africa and the rest of the world.

Our Core Values:

We ensure the customer driven quality, constantly striving to improve our process & services guided by the changing needs of the customers.

  • Integrity and Honesty
  • Commitment to improvement and Innovation
  • Respect and Human dignity
  • Socially Responsible
  • Commitment to high quality, efficiency and excellent customer service
  • Gender balance for equitable distribution of management responsibilities
  • Professionalism in leadership and governance
Company objective:

Our company has the experience to provide the following services:

  • Transportation of goods
  • Logistics ¢ Import & Export of goods
  • Respect and Human dignity
  • Transit Goods

We have expertise on Taxation Policy of Kenya as well as Import and Export duties charged on various goods and services payable to Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) and County Government Taxes.


PACMA INVESTMENTS LIMITED is a leading international sea freight forwarding company. We have a truck record of safer, reliable and cost effective, collection and delivery of sea freight shipments. Being a premier interna- tional sea forwarder with a network of worldwide agents, partners and subsidiaries enables our clients to benefit from a package tailored to their individual needs and time requirements. A full door-to-door service can be provided and from time of order placement to delivery, we are in complete control of your sea freight shipments.


Being an independent international sea freight forwarder, we negotiate with shipping companies such as MSC, PIL, MAERSK, EMIRATES and others to obtain the best rates and options for moving our customers FCL (Full Container Loads) and LCL (Less Container Loads) shipments all around the world. We ship large volumes of general cargo and have an ongoing partnership with many businesses for their sea freight needs. For private clients who want reliable services, we can transport goods such as personal/household effects, cars and specialized items. We ensure delivery of single shipments (LCL) or FCL shipments using the services of the NVOCC Agency and provide consolidation services of incoming shipments.


-Door-to-Door sea freight forwarding services
-Worldwide NVOCC
-Consulat/Legalized Documentation
-Project Sea Freight Cargo
-Exhibition and Trade Fair Sea Freight Shipments
-Touring and Production Sea Freight Cargo
-Relief Sea Freight Cargo

We also have combined transport of air and sea. We also provide road transport with direct loading at the air (port) of destination or at the air (port) of delivery. This helps in eliminating the occurrence of damages, shorter transit time, collection and door-to-door delivery.

Logistics Management

Logistics management can significantly improve the competitive position of your company while cutting costs. In addition to hard saving, you can reduce order cycle time, thus improving service levels. The extent to which you benefit is a function of your commod- ity, freighting and market Prole. Despite demonstrable advantages, many companies are still reluctant to change. Apart from the need to abandon traditional comfort zones, there are two deterrent factors. The rst is the requirement for fundamental, company-wide change of in procurement, inventory and distribution management. The second is the quantum of investment in physical facilities, skills, manpower and training. In today’s environment operating space and salaries are particularly costly. There are also other implica- tions in taking on additional weekly-paid staff. This is why outsourcing to a logistics specialist has become a popular solution. It allows you to gain the benefits at rates which reflect the service provider's economies of scale. It also moves logistics costs to balance sheet. Over the last years, Pacma Investments Limited has made ongoing investment in its logistics capabilities. We have the physical facilities and manpower, the systems and techniques, the experience and skills. As a first stage, our logistics division outsourcing activities such as warehousing, order pick and pack processes and distribution may generate immediate savings and offer you greater flexibility. It also means you can remain focused on your core competence. You will nd introducing logistics management with Pacma Investments Limited as a comfortable and affordable co-sourcing process. We work with you to establish your objectives and compile a compreh ensive sourcing, shipping and distribution Prole. Then we change the phase in a pace that suits you. This gives you the chance to embrace change incrementally rather than on a “big bang” basis.


Delays, damage and disruption to cargo are costly and disruptive. They reduce your ability to meet your promises to customers and may lead to lost business. You waste management time on claims, pay higher premiums and may nd you a bad risk. All of this makes cargo risk management a critical component of your supply-chain management. In the belief that prevention is better than cure, Pacma Investments Limited works with you to assess your cargo risk Prole. We then advise on procedures which can reduce the potential for pilferage or damage. This includes secure packing methods, optimal routing, trustworthy third parties for staging and transportation and cargo tracking in transit. Our premises and fleet are strictly controlled and monitored around the clock. By reducing the incidence of discrepancy, you become a better insurance risk. Your precise requirements may vary depending on the cover offered by supplier your purchase terms and other factors. The conditions need to conform with changes to international trade practices and international interpretations. Once your Prole has been determined, we assist you in negotiating appropriate and costeective cover for your various surface or air consignments using the skill and experience of our accredited broker. As we hold an “open marine” policy we are able to activate per-shipment cover automatically. To save you time and reduce paperwork, the premium is raised on our invoice of transport charg - es. We hand over claims to the insurers for prompt settlement without involving you in time-consuming procedures.


Research has shown that importers and exporters rate security among their top three supply-chain needs. The consequences of theft or damage to consignments include non-fulllment of orders to end users. Re-ordering causes documentary complexities and costly delays which may in turn result in loss of business to more reliable suppliers. Such interruptions in your delivery cycle also interrupt the smooth running of your business. There is the nuisance of administration and the likelihood of prohibitive insurance premiums for repeat claims. In a high-risk security environment like Kenya, prevention is better than cure. That is why Pacma Investments Limited employs physical and documentary precautions to protect the integrity of customer shipments from both opportunist and organized crimes. All our trucks are protected by satellite tracking devices while unmarked vehicles shadow high value consignments in transit. Our premises are completely fenced o for access control and guarded around the clock. We use closed-circuit television to mon? tor activity within the premises so that management is alerted in the event of anything untoward. IFCS sta is trained in cargo care. Not only does this result in careful handling of your goods-it means we oer practical advice for loss and damage control. This can range from suggestions about packag - ing to shipment methods to consultation regarding better door-to-door security.

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Private Limited Company

Cooperative Bank Limited

(KSHS) 01148679368800

(USD) 02120679368800

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+254 725 437 112; +254 732 988 889


Rex House, Moi Avenue 1st Floor, Rm 7


Ms Margaret Wairimu Kagoro
Mr. Pancras Njoroge Mwangi
Mr. Peter Maina Mwangi